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Comments on News

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis

My comments on this news:

A UN Fact-Finding commission has concluded that Israeli attackers of the relief ship headed for Gaza some months ago murdered, execution style, both Turkish and US citizens.  Subsequent official press releases reveal that the posture is to help cover up the criminality of these actions. 

 “The administration has made it clear through its inaction and its explicit public posture that it has no intention of pressing the issue of the murder of a citizen in cold blood by Israeli commandos” [see article below].

Those familiar with the facts of the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the virtually-unarmed intelligence ship USS Liberty will be familiar with this pattern of US kowtowing to . Following Professors Walt and Mearsheimer, who comment on “The Lobby,” the can return to an independent foreign policy only after exposure of the deep infiltration of Zionism into both Democrat and Republican Parties. 

In my opinion, GOP insiders and the grass roots are divided over the issue of the military being put at the service of .  I think this explains much of Party leadership hostility toward TeaParty candidates who won recent primaries.  

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