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The Long, Solitary Confinement of Edgar Steele

My comments on this news:

See this site for updates on Edgar Steele. , accused of plotting the murder-for-hire of his wife and mother-in-law.

Steele’s trial is set for Nov. 1.  Steele's wife states that she never believed the charges that he was plotting to murder her and her mother.  The court has forbidden Mrs. Steele from having contact with her husband, who remains in solitary confinement. 

What has Edgar Steele really done to rile up TPTB?  He is mouthy about Jews and about the imminent demise of the $$. He has also defended pro bono various people like home-schooling parents and Christians.

Another point: By some reports, the workman who fingered Steele [is that Fairfax ?] may have recanted his testimony. I think that the case is getting very messy for whoever is prosecuting it. I doubt that they have succeeded in pressuring Steele, a Stanford-trained attorney, to plead guilty to "lesser charges," which would put Steele in prison for an indefinite additional period and allow them to save face.  

The trial was postponed from July to the current Nov. 1 date. It won't get much coverage the day before the election. Edgar Steele has been in solitary confinement in Spokane, Washington, since June. I imagine it's hoped that he will die of his [serious] heart condition before being brought to trial. 








Did someone say, Habeas corpus ??