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Comments on News

Scientists as Censors

My comments on this news:

I second Stuart Hurlbert’s general point [made in a recent issue of The Social Contract] that scientists act as politically correct censors, as well as his specific example of the about-face in Dr. John Holdren’s views on energy independence and the environment.  

Immigration and the children of recent immigrants account for approximately 90% of US population growth, and Holdren, President Obama’s chief science advisor, makes no complaint about the Administration’s policy of encouraging mass immigration into the . Significantly, Holdren no longer links immigration and population growth to the nation’s increased dependence on imported fossil fuels. 

Yet, as recently as 1991, Holdren wrote “Population and the Energy Problem,” in which he showed that per capita energy use in the had declined in the preceding 20 years, and that population growth accounted for the entire increase in national energy use over that same period.

I know because I edited the collection of essays and arranged the event where Holdren contributed his paper.  The event was a festchrifte “in honor of Dr. Garrett Hardin, sponsored in part by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Smithsonian Institution” [Population and Environment 12(2), Spring, 1991] .  


Kudos on your paper, Stuart Hurlbert.