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Comments on News

Population of Young Whites Falling Faster Than Expected

My comments on this news:

The urgency of stabilizing US population size, first noted in the 1970s when total population was approximately 210 million, contributed to a rapid decline in European-American family size. For social as well as personal reasons, a family size of no more than 2 children per couple became the ideal.
However, to the extent that limiting family size was motivated by altruism, birth control now seems an exercise in futility. The US population continues to explode and now totals approximately 320 million. Immigration and the US-born children of recent immigrants account for 90% of the growth.
Extrapolation suggests that the US population will blow past 400 million by mid-century. By that time, the European-Americans sector will be small and still rapidly shrinking minority.
In fact, population size may be yesterday's issue. The population explosion is not the fault of European-Americans. It has been foisted on us by ill-thought-out or even treasonous immigration policies, and enabled by the large family size intentions of immigrants who find their offspring suppored by the US' social safety net.
The issue has become, will European-Americans, newly in the minority, retain the liberties with which they were endowed? Who will respect those rights if not European-Americans, themselves? If the United States is to retain the European-American character of her Founders, European-Americans should rapidly increase family size in order to avoid minority status.
Competitive breeding is not only a fact of life in Israel and Palestine [practiced by both ethnic groups on the ground] but it is a fact of life appearing more rapidly than anticipated in the United States.