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Comments on News

Interview and Response to Hit Piece

My comments on this news:

First, apologies for letting the website languish for so long. Second, I'm back.

An interview shows my current thinking. Immigration is a continuing focus because it is a threat to the unity of the United States and the well-being of most citizens.         

It took a hit piece orchestrated by the Southern Poverty Law Center  and published by certain Gannett Newspapers including USA Today to stir me. The SPLC has upped the ante from [falsely] labelling opponents of mass immigration as "racist"  to much more extreme labels. Have the SPLC and B'nai B'riths ADL become hysterical? What's with the names they call people these days?

Despite repeated requests, Gannett Newspapers have not published my response to the insulting and misleading article about me. Therefore, I am forced to do the job for them, for those who care to read.