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Comments on News

Controlling Public Discussion

My comments on this news:

Uniquely successful strategies for shutting down discussion of any policy not conducive to own interests include:
1] Proposing two arms to a debate, neither of which addresses the real issue, then having members of one's own group take vehemently opposite sides. Defining and disputing two possibilities takes up most public space, thus blocking consideration of third or fourth alternate resolutions.
2] Assertion that one controls the moral high ground. For example, presenting the plight of chosen victims, so that the losses/victimization of other groups are unnoticed or dismissed. Alternately, demanding or expecting an apology.
3] Viciously labelling proponents of the policy not-conducive-to-own-interests in order to intimidate them, and certainly to intimidate others from publicly agreeing or supporting the unwanted policy.
Those who support mass immigration into the United States, virtually open borders, have employed all three strategies. For example, focus on illegal aliens has blocked out the larger goal of an immigration moratorium to stabilitze population size - essential for environmental, justice, and economic reasons. Additionally, advocates for an immigration moratorium are regularly labelled in efforts to make them virtually toxic. Labelling advocates limits exposure of their overwhelming factual and ethical arguments in favor of limiting immigration.
Attacks on Christian clergy who work for a just solution to Palestian and Israeli disputes in the Middle East also illustrate uses of several discussion-strangling strategies.  Setting the stage is a letter signed by fifteen leaders of Christian denominations and sent, individually, to every member of Congress.
The Christian ministries letter is reproduced in full, below.  The letter is followed by links that will show the reaction of two pro-Zionist media.  Then a link to the New York Times account and, finally, the American Free Press account that first made me aware of the small furor the Church leaders have caused.