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Comments on News

Israeli Rationale, Current Gaza Conflict

My comments on this news:

Militarists everywhere and for centuries have understood the strategic importance of provocation.
The game is to provoke the country [or group] targeted for attack into making the first move. That virtually assures that the real aggressor will be seen as occupying the “high moral ground”. [Lincoln did it in the War Between the States; Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill conspired to do it, with the Lusitania, in World War I.  FDR did it again to bring the US into World War II.  And Lyndon Johnson with the Gulf of Tonkin incident.]
Israeli militarists understand the game. Hence the exchange of rockets between Israelis and Gazans. All understand that the result will entail, inevitably, disproportionate suffering in Gaza. But what else is involved?
Below are two links and suggestions regarding the rationale that underlies the Israeli game