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Interview and Response to Hit Piece

November 2, 2012

1.The October 22, 2012 article published in various Gannett Newspaper, to which I have not been granted the opportunity to respond despite repeated requests, is:

2. The same day NewsChannel5 [Nashville]account is at:


Transcript of short, broadcast interview:

By Adam Ghassemi

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Virginia Abernethy retired from teaching Psychology and Anthropology at Vanderbilt University's School of Medicine. Now, as a Professor Emeritus, she loves data.

Abernethy says population data reveals how illegal or mass immigration is putting America in danger. 

"Europeans Americans are about to become a minority in this country," she said Monday.

A self-proclaimed "ethnic separatist", Abernethy warns today's politics gives power to racial groups while ignoring whites, or European Americans. "It's this Europeans tradition of law that I think is one of the things that's at risk as we get a population that doesn't share our traditions and hasn't grown up with these values," she said.

You'll find her at the bottom of your ballot along with running mate Merlin Miller. Both represent the American Third Position Party or "A3P".

"There's a real need to education European Americans to the fact that they common interests and that they are becoming a minority in this country and the things they value, which include rule of law as a very prominent one are threatened," she went on to say.

Some groups warn not to cast your vote just yet, calling Abernethy a dangerous white supremacist.

"This is an ugly, racist ideology that thinks that brown skinned people don't deserve to be in the United States, or are essentially sub par. It's just old-school white supremacy, racism dressed up in some fancy language often probably coming from her background with a PhD," said Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Project Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Beirich also warned Abernethy is tied to some very ugly organizations, including A3P itself, which she says was founded by skin heads in California.

Abernethy insists she speaks for people who may be too fearful to speak up on their own and is being mischaracterized by groups out to get her. She says groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center and others, are the real hate groups.

"The major hate groups in the United States are the people that throw around these labels," she said.

Abernethy was a part of Arizona's Proposition 200 a few years ago, which requires voters there to prove citizenship.


3. The Channel5News WEB EXTRA interview on youtube:

4. My Response, which the Gannett newspapers refuse to publish:

RESPONSE TO 10/22/12 Anita Wadhwani article about me, Virginia Abernethy:


The Tennessean and USAToday ran the same article about me [Wadwhani, 10/22/12].  

The article is  accurate in several respects,  but inaccurate in others,  and thus disturbing. The SPLC's negative, and hateful, characterizations of people like me who oppose mass immigration is factually untrue.  

The SPLC has upped the ante by adding the false charge of  neo-Nazi to the tired old [and incorrect in my case and in most cases] label of racist.

Organizations like the ADL are complicit in these hateful smears and, at the least,  do themselves a disservice by repeating charges designed to tar people who disagree with them. 

Apparently, their ideal for the United States is to be part of a borderless world, while Israel, they think, is entitled to secure borders. Whereas the US is not.

The SPLC clearly hates patriots like me.  This demonstrates that their "anti-hate" stance is merely a cover for their globalist Marxist agenda.  They want Europeans-Americans to "tolerate" their own dispossession.  This suicide of a whole people is the goal of their 'Teaching Tolerance'.

Other factual errors in an article that treats the SPLC as authority include: 

Factually untrue is that I am a supremacist. I am an ethnic separatist, which means respecting preferences to be with whomever one wishes.  I have no objection to campus African-American groups, B’nai B’rith, La Raza or countless others. What I see, however, is that Christian and European-American groups – and only these groups -  are targeted for discrimination. They are in the SPLC bulls-eye of hate, hate for anyone who does not agree with the the SPLC's anti-Christian, anti-patriotic, globalist agenda.

Factually untrue is that I am a neoNazi, or that people with whom I associate are neo-Nazi. They are American patriots. Moreover, anyone who has political affiliations associates with people whose language and positions are not identical with their own.

Nor am I racist or anti-Semitic, although I support the recent letter from leaders of mainstream American churches to the effect that Congress should re-examine the no-strings-attached policy of giving large aid packages to Israel.

Further, Kathy McKee is the Arizonan who started and saw though to a successful ballot conclusion Proposition 200.  Well into the initiative process in 2004, she asked me to speak with the overseas media, which I was pleased to do. I hope I helped.  In any event, 47% of Hispanic voters supported Prop. 200. The harm of mass immigration to less educated working people, including established immigrants, is abundantly clear.

My most important academic work focuses on the "fertility opportunity hypothesis" [see Population Politics and an earlier book, Population Pressure and Cultural Adjustment]. This hypothesis suggests that couples and/or men and women who see expanding economic opportunity will allow larger family size. Couples who perceive diminishing economic opportunity try in all possible ways to avoid additional dependents.

The evidence in support of my fertility opportunity hypothesis is huge and growing. Read the books and post-1993 papers. The hypothesis correctly predicted that fertility rates in the “nine Asian tigers” would decline significantly faster than trend line after those countries’ economic collapse of 1998-99.

American3rd Position is a new Party and one that may draw support from Americans who feel unrepresented by the major Parties. These Americans see Democrats and Republicans as “one bird with two wings”.  A3P is pro-American, which means representing the values of the majority of Americans and defending European-Americans from being cast as the destroyers of society. European-Americans are historically, and are still, builders.

European-Americans are on track to becoming a numerical minority in the United States. This trend can be reversed by stopping mass immigration and a conscious coming together of like-minded men and women.

Moreover, European-Americans should begin to identify themselves as an ethnic group that participates on equal footing with other ethnic and racial groups that define the new multicultural reality.

I would prefer a country in which “American” came first and religious and ethnic or racial identities receded to insignificance. But that is no longer the reality, or even the ideal among groups such as the SPLC and ADL.

The  SPLC is the real hate group, and its fellow travellers like the ADL are enablers, because they incite divisions and hatred. Unfortunately, the SPLC has power, has defined the new reality, and forces all of us to identify by ethnic group whether or not that is our first inclination.

We continue to write and work in faith that truth and honor will prevail. 

Virginia Deane Abernethy,


 5. MY HUSBAND [whose name I suppress] writes to Gannett executives, requesting that their papers publish his letter as well as my response. The Gannett papers are letting their hit piece stand, giving no opportunity for my husband or the principal, me, to respond. I did not solicit my husband's letter but was enormously surprise, and made very happy, by it. 


To: ;;
Subject: Fwd: Hate Watch List

Sirs and Madam,
I would appreciate having my letter, a response to the 10/22/2012
Wadwhani attack on Dr. Virginia Abernethy, published in USA Today and
The Tennessean. See below.


Subject: Hate Watch List

The article in the October 22 issue of the Tennessean and USAToday, "Hate Watch List includes retired Vanderbilt University Professor" was most interesting. I would like to comment on it, having been married to Dr. Abernethy
for over 30 years.

My first comment is that Dr. Abernethy (Virginia) has consistently
been 5 to 10 years ahead of her time in her opinions.  Things that seem off-the-wall when she sees them become mainstream. 

Years ago she was labeled "Madam Malthus" for her fertility thesis, which was (and is) diametrically opposite the Demographic Transition Model.  Everyone wants to believe that as prosperity increases birth levels fall (The Demographic Transition Model), but she has shown conclusively that the
opposite is true.  This is a perfect example of a true scientist
stating observed reality rather than a politically correct version of what some think it ought to be.  "Madam Malthus" or prophet?

My second comment concerns the issue of discrimination.  She has consistently opposed it, whether it was"girls" at Vanderbilt Medical School, unwarranted denial of tenure to a female English professor at Vanderbilt University, Palestinians losing their homes, water and olive orchards, or discrimination against European Americans.  She's been totally consistent over the time that I have known her. Interestingly enough, the U. S. Supreme Court is looking into just this issue at this time.  Racist or prophet?

Finally, the issue of "hate".  The SPLC and Anti-Defamation League throw the word around loosely, almost always in an attempt to silence those with whom they disagree.  The Virginia Abernethy that I know is the one who gifted a (primarily) black charity almost half a million dollars to establish a women's center to help at-risk (primarily black) young women.  A vile racist or a committed humanist?

Who is the hate-monger in this picture?  I would suggest that the
SPLC, Heidi Beirich, The Anti-Defamation League, Marilyn Mayo, and their ilk look into a mirror  If they really want to see hate and hate speech, they will recognize it in themselves. G.