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Scientists as Censors
April 14, 2011


From: Stuart H. Hurlbert []
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 6:48 PM



Colleagues and friends,



        The most recent issue of The Social Contract has just come out (see below). It should have more than ordinary interest for those who imagine environmental scientists and scientific organizations to be reliable, objective, seekers of truth on controversial matters at the interface of science and society. Get your copy while they last!



        The hard evidence is that scientists and their organizations can be just as censorious and ideologically-blinkered on such matters as is any other subculture in our society. Primary motives often are fear of offending funding sources, bosses or power elites, fear of being called names, and/or an emotional attachment to the utopian notion that if we just give enough power to the UN or the North American Union such mega-bureaucracies will solve all critical problems. We can then justify our inaction at the state or national level, giving us more time for sipping of white wine and utopian philosophizing.



        John Holdren, Obama's chief science advisor, is a good case in point. In 1973 he published an article saying that, from an environmental viewpoint, the then population of  210 million was "too many" and the 280 million then projected by the Census Bureau for 2040 would be "much too many." Wise words come easily when you are a carefree boy pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. Fast forward a quarter century. Now the population is 309 million and growing at 1% per year, and Holdren has gone silent. To interfere with the  Bush-Obama agenda of roughly doubling the rate of population growth by massive increases in immigration would doubtless cost him his job.



        We all have our price. Pragmatically, perhaps the best we can hope for is that more of us would be willing to double or triple it.



        There is a noble battle to be fought here. Many would put themselves at some sort of risk to join the infantry front lines, especially given the lack of backup, indeed the hostility, likely to be offered by the current leadership of many scientific and environmental organizations. There are, however, unlimited opportunities for effective private or covert action by anyone with a creative spark and half an ounce of energy.     Stuart Hurlbert




Scientists as Censors: How Political Correctness Corrupts Environmental Science



The Social Contract, Spring 2011, vol 20, no. 3






Challenging the Immigration Taboo - Wayne Lutton



Many Environmental Scientists are Wayward or Cowed When Faced With an Irrefutable Truth - Diana Hull



Environmental Scientists as Censors - Leon Kolankiewicz



Wives of the Bishop of Worcester : The ESA and Global Copoutism -- Stuart H. Hurlbert



Will the Ecological Society of Bite the Population Bullet? - Stuart H. Hurlbert



Frontiers, Immigration and Political Censorship - Stuart H. Hurlbert 



Immigration Control and Biodiversity in North America - Stuart H. Hurlbert 



Refusal to Correct Misinformation on Immigration Numbers from ESA -- Jack Martin & Dick Schneider



Immigration, Population Growth, and Environmentalist Hypocrisy on the Border Fence - Leon Kolankiewicz



A Symposium and a Lake in Multiple Contexts: Salton Sea Science and Politics - Stuart H. Hurlbert



The North American Lake Management Society: Axing Truth, Threatening Lawsuits - Stuart H. Hurlbert



Pacific Salmon, Immigration and Censors: Unreliability of the Cowed Technocrat - Stuart H. Hurlbert



The Sierra Club's Profitable Descent Into Leftism - Brenda Walker



John Cairns , Jr.: A Politically Incorrect, Plain English Environmental Biologist - M. Rupert Cutler



The Legitimate Role of Advocacy in Environmental Education - Karen Cairns
What You Don't Know About the Immigration Bill -- Robert J. Samuelson




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