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Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy

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Virginia Deane Abernethy, M.B.A., Ph.D., eclectic* "Eclectic" describes better than any degree, book, or article the news commentary on this website. Its origin could well be history lessons absorbed at my first school, Northlands, the highly regarded British ... more


Magna Charta [Medieval Latin], the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are reminders of a long tradition and the continuing struggle to uphold the rule of law. This Founding principle of the Republic would decay if ever it were assumed that it was not the responsibilit... more
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November 16, 2016

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Publications by Virginia Deane Abernethy


The Demographic Transition Revisited: Lessons for Foreign Aid and US Immigration Policy
People and Their Planet [Barbara Sundberg Baudot and William R. Moomaw [Eds.]. St. Martin's Press.

Optimism and Overpopulation
The Atlantic Monthly
December, 1994

Not Tonight, Sweetie; No Energy
WorldWatch Magazine
September/October, 2004

Carrying Capacity: The Traditions and Policy Implications of Limits
Ethics in Science and Environment [ESEP]
Jan. 23, 2001

Homosexuality in the Cards
Chronicles Magazine [Rockford, Illionois]
March 2004

The Fertility Opportunity Hypothesis: A Darwinian Explanation of Fertility
Population and Environment
Nov 30, 1999

Introduction of Honoree, Professor Kevin MacDonald
Jack London Prize, Charles Martel Society
November, 2004

Foreword, To 2005 Edition of Esther Boserup's Conditions of Agricultural Growth
Transaction Publishers; Reprinted in Society, 42[5], July/August

Fertility Decline No Mystery
Ethics and Environmental Politics [ESEP]
May 24, 2002

Fertility Decline in Former Asian Tigers
and Roberto V. Penaloza, Population and Environment 23(3):245-266
January, 2002

Family Formation in America
Chronicles Magazine [Rockville, Illionois]
May, 1999

Population and Environment: Assumptions, Interpretation, and Other Reasons for Confusion
Where Next? Reflections on the Human Future, pp. 47-64. Duncan Poore (editor). Board of Trustees, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, 2000.

Immigration Reduction Offers Chance for Softer Landing
Ecological Economics 59[2]:226-230; [Available on-line, May 2, 2006]
November 12, 2006

Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis
Population-Environment BALANCE
October 12, 2006

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